New 14 Series Lens Holder Ring Magnetic Absorber Protective Jacket

$24.98 $39.99 Save $15.01
Color:  Black
Model:  iPhone14
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About this product

  • Compatibility: Compatible with iPhone 14 Pro Max only
  • Stronger magnetic lock: A powerful built-in magnet with a fixing force of 1500 grams ensures a safety lock on any HaloLock or MagSafe accessory
  • Adjustable camera guard bracket: Fully adjustable from 0 to 85 degrees to ensure a perfect angle for capturing your favorite programs
  • Durable: The rugged zinc alloy structure ensures that the bracket looks new, while the hinge has been tested in the laboratory to maintain its strength after 3000 uses
  • Military grade fall protection: Air protected corners, scratch resistant acrylic back, raised edges combined to protect your phone from falls, collisions, and scratches

Product Properties

  • Color transparent
  • Outline Specification Border Protection Shell
  • Material: zinc alloy+polycarbonate